RAGE. Director Maja Kleczewska

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Сountries: Poland
City: Warsaw
Place: Dramatic Theatre
Address: pl. Defilad 1
Date of premiere 24 september 2016

Elfriede Jelinek started writing Rage after the attacks at the editors of “Charlie Hebdo” and killing four customers of a kosher shop in Paris; another inspiration was Anders Breivik’s case. “Kill all the people who are not you!” – is a slogan of contemporary nationalists, terrorists and religious fanatics.

Kleczewska has found a theatrical form that fits the topic perfectly: her performance is powerful, loud, obscene, shocking. It confronts the audience with harsh reality of war, violence, poverty, exile, illness, death. Starring some of the most talented actors of the younger generation (Michał Czachor, Magdalena Koleśnik, Mateusz Łasowski) as well as dancers and extras, Rage is one of the most discussed premiere of the new season in Poland.

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Photo: Natalia Kabanow
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RAGE. Director Maja Kleczewska
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