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Сountries: Russia
City: Moscow
Place: Moscow TYUZ
Address: Mamonovsky Lane, 10
Date of premiere 30 october 2014

Indeed, everything in this play depends upon the relationships and interactions between the actors. This is psychological theatre in the best sense of the word. This kind of theatre has become a rarity nowadays, and the audience is surprised when they see such acting technique. The director's work in this play is focused on very detailed analysis which helps the actors on the set. Working on a role begins with the actor carefully reading the text of the play; Kama Ginkas always starts this work all of a sudden...

During our performance the audience laughs a lot, and that's good, because the play is quite complex, and, according to Ginkas, the harder the material, the easier it is should start on stage. The production has inherited its lightness and humor from the original play; it all helps us keep in touch with the audience, while they are immersed into a family drama, witnessing a cruel experiment of two elderly people over the youngsters.

Igor Gordin

Golden Mask Award 2016 –  nominated for “Drama, best small scale production”, “Best director”, “Best actor” (Igor Gordin) 

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Photo: Elena Lapina
Performance dates
25 January 19:00 WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? Director Kama Ginkas
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