WORLD WAR II - NIGHT ON EARTH. Director Erik Ulfsby

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Сountries: Norway
City: Oslo
Place: Det Norske Teatret
Address: Christian IV St., 8
Date of premiere 27 february 2016

8 hours performance - starting at Midnight, running until 08.00 -- in Det Norske Teatret, Oslo, is based on textual contributions from playwrights Oleg Bogaev (RU), Davic Creig (UK), Lukas Bärfuss (CH) and Maria Tryti Vennerød (N).  While taking place on the main stage, there is also a installation on the lobby of the theatre, made by Berlin based Norwegian artist Lars Ramberg. His topic is censhorship as experienced at this theatre during the occupation in the 1940-s. Each performance does also involve a discussion between Norwegian activists, veterans and intellectuals about topics like racism and xenophobia

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WORLD WAR II - NIGHT ON EARTH. Director Erik Ulfsby
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