THE JOLLY SOLDIER. Director Sergey Bezrukov

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Сountries: Russia
City: Moscow
Place: Moscow Gubernsky Theater
Address: 121 Volgograd Prospect.
Date of premiere January 28th 2016

The performance is based on Astafyev’s novel “The Jolly Soldier”. The author fought as an ordinary soldier through the full term of the Great Patriotic war. 
The writer becomes the main hero of the play. He looks back to his past from the present only to find his younger self – a jolly soldier. He relives his first youth love, first injury, first loss, first killed German soldier.

The story of Vitya the soldier is a story of “another” war, not of that heroic shining image we are used to from beautiful Soviet films. Because the battlefield is not only a place for war, there was life too – people fell in love, found friends and enemies. And from this everyday drama, pain, dirt and countless tragedies our Victory was born.

Starring famous actor Boris Galkin as Viktor Astafyev.

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29 March 19:00 THE JOLLY SOLDIER. Director Sergey Bezrukov
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