WANG ZHAOJUN. Director Shi Yukun

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Сountries: China
City: Shanghai
Place: Shanghai Oirental Art Center
Address: 425 Dingxiang Rd, Pudong Xinqu
Date of premiere 22 march 2016

Han Opera "Wang Zhaojun" is based on the story of "Zhaojun ChuSai" ,which happened in the first year of Western Han Dynasty .When the Western Han Dynasty emperor, a woman named Wang Zhaojun was elected to the Palace, who came from the souch part of the county. With the influence of Chu culture, Wang Zhaojun is not only beautiful, but also right-minded and self-contained as Qu Yuan .She refused to bribe the painter Mao Yanshou. In this case, Mao Yanshou dotted a "white tiger nevus" on her paint, resulting in the emperor did not dare to visit her. Later, the north Huns Hu Han Ye Chan Yu go to the Palace and seek a marriage alliance. When Wang was ready to depart, the emperor happened to know that he was fooled by Mao Yanshou. He felt so regretful and he didn’t want Zhaojun to leave. Zhaojun refused to break faith and determined to go out of the palace. When she arrived the frontier fortress, Wang Zhaojun landed on the beacon tower, facing the vast expanse of the memorial tomb, she was great shocked. She suddenly get to know the heavy responsibility for her visit. She still holds the Pipa, riding a horse, and go on...

Starring Wang Li

Shi Yukun, born in the December of 1943. He comes from Xinghua city, Jiangsu Province. He is a Peking opera director and he is a director at the national level. He is a member of Chinese Dramatists Association, director of association of Chinese opera director and Dramatists Association of Jiangsu province. He graduated from China Opera school and director of Shanghai Theater Academy. After graduation, he was assigned to work in Jiangsu province Peking Opera Theater.

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WANG ZHAOJUN. Director Shi Yukun
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