THE TRIAL. Director Timofey Kuliabin

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Сountries: Russia
City: Novosibirsk
Place: Red Torch theater
Address: 19 Lenina st
Date of premiere 24 september 2016

Based on a novel by Franz Kafka Directed by Timofey Kuliabin, Red Torch Theatre, Novosibirsk Russia As Red Torch Theatre, Novosibirsk, director Timofey Kuliabin has staged the seminal 20th century plot, whose author guessed and described not only catastrophes of the new era, but the archetype man of that era.

The Kafkaesque man is at the heart of the show. And it turns out that in the current environment he looks even more natural than a hundred years ago; as if the writer created his character to ‘grow into’ the role, granting him the capacity to evolve through the decades ahead.

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THE TRIAL. Director Timofey Kuliabin
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