THE PILLOWMAN. Director Mohammad Yaghoubi, Aida Keykhaii

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Place: “Nowadays” theatre
Date of premiere 2013

Katurian – Ali Ghorbanian
Michal - Mohammad Khalajmasoumi
Tupolski - Siavash Shaban Pour
Ariel - Pooria Rouhani Fard

Winner of numerous international awards, the Iranian-Canadian project – NOWADAYS Theatre -  in which the mystery of the East and the rationality of the West have been merged. It is the Theatre-Mystery. The theatre is directed by a wonderful duo: Mohammad Yaghoubi and Aida Keykhaii.Mohammad Yaghoubi is a renowned Iranian writer, winner of several international awards for Best drama. Interestingly, that he, like McDonagh, is an author of 8 plays, director and screenwriter. His plays have been translated into many languages and staged in different parts of the world. Aida Keykhaiiis a talented actress and director, theatre teacher, M.A in directing from University of Tehran, winner of great number of international awards.

Their collaborative work “The Pillowman” was nominated for “Best directing” at Fajr International Theatre Festival in Tehran. This is a multilayered production of the most complicated McDonagh’s work, which challenges stereotypes of the audience in order to expand their ethical world view.

Minimalistic scenery makes us focus on the details: cue lines, poses and gestures of the characters. However the external simplicity only strengthens and forces the dreadful atmosphere of what is happening around. The stage is instantaneously transformed into a police station and then into a prison cell. While narrating Katurian’s stories, the natural colours - black, blue and white – are transforming into bright, acid colours of children’s drawings, thus revealing the disturbed imagination of the author of these stories. His whole life lies in these stories. He has tried to escape from reality by taking his pain out.

When reading the autobiographical “The writer and the writer’s brother”, the whole stage is covered with blood-red light and we are transferred into that horror, which have been experienced by two brothers.

This performance is for those, who is not afraid of seeing the reality, who is ready to mature. 

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THE PILLOWMAN. Director Mohammad Yaghoubi, Aida Keykhaii
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