THE LONESOME WEST. Director Sergei Fedotov

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Сountries: Russia
City: Novosibirsk
Place: “Staryi Dom” theatre
Address: ul.Bolshevistskaya, 45.
Date of premiere 1 october 2015

Father Welsh– Vasiliy Bitenger 
Coleman – Timofey Mamlin 
Valene – Anatoliy Grigoriev 
Girleen – Yana Sigida

Deep, complex and multilayered production, which has a strong impact on the audience. We can observe violent games of adult brothers, who are unable adequately to take the facts of contemporary world: cruelty, jealousy, meanness, loneliness, greed, derision. Spiritual is suppressed by material and the faith that the sinner can automatically get to Paradise just because of having sacred statues brings everything to the highest extent of cynicism. The whole small town is overtaken by absurd and unreasonable violence. All this is considered to be normal. Even a priest cannot reach out to the inhabitants. 

The performance is bright and emotional. Every object here has its own meaning. Old magazines, empty bottles, candy wrappers and other bits and pieces – all this mess is not only in the house. It is in brothers’ mind. Spirits is the only thing, which can protect against external threats and could be the internal so-called engine of life. But when it reaches the culmination, when it seems that there is no hope of salvation, the saints come to this house (just for a little while) to prevent some terrible things happen. There is an outside chance for this, but there is still hope….hope for salvation, love and forgiveness.

Apocalypse in Irish interior
Svetlana Suchkova

Sergei Fedotov’s magic as a director had an absolute effect!

Actors-brothers live in this tiny room as if they were born here as brothers ….long ago…in Ireland. And all the objects, to which they touch, bring into the acting. And these are not simply the objects of the scenery. Each object has its own place, meaning and even the destiny on the stage. Just a fantastic story with crisps! Incredible action with the figures of saints! Astonishing plastic mantra of Valene around the new stove. And, of course, a shotgun! Sound, smell, light – everything is involved into the acting. It seems that there is no insignificant molecule in the performance! When smoky cloud of the figures, burnt in the oven, is spreading across the whole stage, you clearly begin feeling the “smell of the Hell”…. 

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Performance dates
25 March 18:00 THE LONESOME WEST. Director Sergei Fedotov
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