THE LONESOME WEST. Director Andy Arnold

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Сountries: Scotland
City: Glasgow
Place: Tron Theatre
Date of premiere 6 july 2016
Theatre designer - Michael Taylor
Lighting designer - Mark Doubleday
Musical Settings - MJ McCarthy 


Valene - Martin McCormick
Coleman - Chris Donald
Girleen - Kirsty Punton
Father Welsh - Michael Dylan

“Tron Theatre” is one of the most renowned theatres in Scotland and the centre of Glasgow cultural life, it has the twenty-year-old history. It is a palmary example of the modern theatre where the avant-garde harmonizes with the classics.

It`s a black comedy about blood relationship, filled with tears and laughter. Nobody hurts harder than the brother, nobody gets your back better that the brother. Brothers understand. The others -  judge.

McCormick and Donald play psychotic sibling rivalry with unsettling ease, recounting even their most extreme acts of brotherly revenge and one-upmanship with glorious smugness. Moving from slightly irked to murderous rage in seconds and with raised voices and rashactions, keening for the next blow as if baying for blood.

Kirsty Punton, a new graduate of Glasgow Clyde College and for whom “The Lonesome West” is her professional debut, in no way betrays her juvenile status on the Tron stage. As troubled teen Girleen, Kirsty embodies antagonistic adolescence, wavering from casual confidence and barbed quips to brutal vulnerability.

Fantastic cast and work of the strongest theatre director of Scotland, Andy Arnold, who has been a key man in the Scottish theatre art for more than 30 years, “scream out” about   the necessity to see the performance.

Performed in English with Russian subtitles

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Photo: John Johnston
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THE LONESOME WEST. Director Andy Arnold
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