THE FLIGHT. Director Yuriy Butusov

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Сountries: Russia
City: Moscow
Place: The Vakhtangov State Academic Theatre
Address: Arbat St., 26
Date of premiere 11, 12 april 2015

This play has practically no stage history. Seven semi-known productions until 1987 – this is barely anything. This is a peculiar fact regarding that this piece is considered to be a masterpiece. In my opinion it has to do not with the plays social accepts… but with the mystery of theatre nature – it is impossible to find stage equivalents to Bulgakov’s fantastic unbelievable remarks, and to the words spoken by the play’s inhabitants.

To give an example, such a remark: “Ascending to baneful heights…” What is this? How should you play this? How? But it is beautiful! And one should not look for the framework of this play in the events of real life – this is a deadlock, narrowing the search and the theme.

I see “The Flight” as a state of a person, who has just awoken from a nightmare, from haunting visions… in the morning you find peace… You are alone, it is very quite, in the neighboring room sleep your relatives, all is well, and you are peaceful and happy.

Yuriy Butusov

Golden Mask Award 2016 - “Best lighting designer”

Nominated – “Drama, best large scale production”, “Best director”, “Best set designer”, “Best actor” (Viktor Dobronravov, Sergey Yepishev, Artur Ivanov)
Participant of the programme «RussianCase» 2016

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Photo: Alexander Torgushnikov
Performance dates
10 February 19:00 THE FLIGHT. Director Yuriy Butusov
26 February 19:00 THE FLIGHT. Director Yuriy Butusov
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