THE FIELD. Director Dmitry Volkostrelov

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Сountries: Russia
City: Saint-Petersburg
Place: Post theatre
Address: 29 lin. Vasilyevskogo ostrova, 2
Date of premiere 2016

The Field, by Pavel Priazhko is a classical play of the New Drama Movement. This show continues creative collaboration between the director Dmitry Volkostrelov and the writer Pavel Priazhko — the critics have already referred to them as a tandem: it is impossible to imagine Volkostrelov not making shows based on Priazhko’s texts, and vice versa. Just as Priazhko in his texts experiments with language by introducing primitivism into the speech and depriving language of its communicative function, Volkostrelov in his shows substitutes action with inaction and presence of a character with its non-existence. 

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THE FIELD. Director Dmitry Volkostrelov
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