THE EVERYDAY. SIMPLE ACTIONS. Artist Dmitry Volkostrelov

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Сountries: Russia
City: Moscow
Place: Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Address: 25 Petrovka st
Exhibition 2016

A collaborative project between the Festival the MMOMA is documenting the everyday. Tying up shoelaces, washing up hands, opening a door with a key — the simplest everyday routine takes place automatically every single day. What if we start performing simple actions consciously, focusing our minds on the actions that we usually consider insignificant? Theatre POST and its artistic director Dmitry Volkostrelov are about to present their first exhibition on household habits and conventions that have fallen off the radar of people’s attention. What does theatre look like when finding itself in a museum of modern art? Remember this is an exhibition, not a show.

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Photo: Julia Ardabievskaya
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THE EVERYDAY. SIMPLE ACTIONS. Artist Dmitry Volkostrelov
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