THE CABAL OF HYPOCRITES. Director Irina Keruchenko

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Сountries: Russia
City: Penza
Place: Penza Regional Drama Theatre named after A.V.Lunacharsky
Address: 89 Moskovskaya st
Date of premiere 14 september 2016
Comic Tragedy in Two Acts
2 hours 30 minutes, 16+
The production premiered on September 14, 2016
Director Irina Keruchenko
Set and costume design Маria Utrobina
Lighting designer Еlena Alekseyeva
Composer Natalya Bogdanovich
Choreographer Natalya Kinge
Stage combat Аlexander Steshin
Jean-Baptiste Poquelin de Moliere, famous playwright and actor Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Sergey Kazakov
Маdeleine Bejart Honoured Cultural Worker of Penza Region Аlbinа Smelovа
Armande Bejart de Moliere Julia Kuznetsova
Маriette Rivale Еlena Pavlova
Charles Varlet de la Grange
actor nicknamed the Register
Nikolay Potapov
Zacharie Moirron,
famous actor/lover Аrtyom Tikhomirov
Filiber du Croisie, actor Аrtyom Davydov
Jean-Jacques Bouton,
candle-snuffer and Moliere’s servant
Sergey Pakhomov
Louis the Great,
the King of France Yury Zemlyansky
Маrquis d’Оrsigni, duelist nicknamed
the One-Eyed and “Prey!” Аlexander Steshin
Маrquis de Charron,
Archbishop of Paris
Sergey Drozhzhilov
Маrquis de Lessaque, gambler /
charlatan with a harpsichord Аndrey Abbasov
Fair Cobbler,
the king’s jester Аrtyom Samokhin
Unknown in a mask Yana Dubrovina
Father Barthelmy, hedge priest Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Henrich Vavilov
Brother Might Nikitа Кuzin
Brother Fidelity Аrtyom Davydov
Renee, Moliere’s decrepit nanny Оlgа Belyakovа
Nun Yanа Dubrovinа
Prompter Nikita Кuzin

The Cabal of Hypocrites is probably the most “personal”, confessionary play by Mikhail Bulgakov. The story of the great French playwright — about art, power and inevitable fate – evolves in the settings of the brilliant epoch of the Sun King. However, the events and characters will seem familiar to us as relations between artists and authorities have always been very complicated.

The action takes place in the time of the Musketeers, that is why the play is full of secrets, intrigues, love, sword play, music and dances, the tragic and the funny.

The fate of Bulgakov’s play was not easy, probably, the hardest one in comparison with his other plays. Seven years passed between the completion of the play and its premiere on the stage of the Moscow Art Theatre in 1936. Before then, the play was one day forbidden, another day allowed to be put on stage, rehearsals took five years, the cast changed more than once. Theatre-goers managed to see the production only eight times: after an article in the Pravda newspaper entitled “External Glamour and False Content”, the play was dropped from the repertory. The distant epoch showed in the play did not take off the guard of “art critics wearing civilian clothes” – the story of relationships between Moliere, King Louis and mysterious “Cabal of Sacred Writing” clearly rhymed with the surrounding reality. Today The Cabal of Hypocrites takes pride of place on stages of Russian theatres. The Penza Drama Theatre production was staged by the well-known Moscow director Irina Keruchenko specially for the 50th birthday of the Artistic Director of The Penza Drama Theatre, Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Sergey Kazakov, starring as Jean-Baptiste Moliere.

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THE CABAL OF HYPOCRITES. Director Irina Keruchenko
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