THE BLACK-FACED. Director Airat Abushakhmanov

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Сountries: Russia
City: Ufa
Place: Bashkirian Drama Theatre named after M. Gafuri
Address: Zacky Validi St., 34
Date of premiere 4 october 2014

“The Black-Faced” is about the terrible, destructive power of religious ignorance. It shows us that in fact humanity, sincere belief in a higher power and religion may be different, non-overlapping concepts. That religion is not just an ability to pronounce the word “Allah”, light a candle or perform the rites, in the first place it is a doctrine that should always stand up for the human, even if the person is in conflict with the society. The worst thing is when religion becomes an instrument to control the masses of ignorant people.

More than two years ago, when we started rehearsing this play, there were no signs of terrible events that shocked the world latter, but, apparently, there was something in the air that inspired us to create “The Black-Faced”.

Golden Mask Award 2016 - “Best work of costume designer”

Nominated – “Drama, best small scale production”, “Best director”, “Best set designer”, “Best actress” (Gulnara Kazakbaeva)

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Photo: Roman Shumnov
Performance dates
02 February 19:00 THE BLACK-FACED. Director Airat Abushakhmanov
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