THE BEAUTY QUEEN. Director Ana Vukotić

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Сountries: Montenegro
City: Podgorica
Place: Montenegrin National Theatre
Address: Ulica Stanka Dragojevića 18
Date of premiere 13 october 2004

Maureen / Marta – Ana Vujošević
Meg / Marija - Marta Pićurić
Pato / Petar - Dejan Ivanić
Ray / Ilija - Momčilo Otašević

Montenegrin National Theatre is a centre theatre of Montenegro with the best theatre troupe in the country. The Podgorica Theatre is well-known in Montenegro and abroad.  Regular performances on the international stage made the theatre popular through the whole Europe: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Italy, Albania, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey and even Columbia.

Sharp, loud, passionate, - it`s the way one can define “The Beauty Queen” of the Montenegrin National Theatre. Every second of it whips up tension. The first scenes go through the thick darkness, few details of the performance are visible. However, the audience feels much more pressure and sharpness of mother-daughter relationships through this darkness – characters are on thin ice. Now they cuddle, then they push off furiously. Mother is yelling, putting moral pressure on living daughter`s soul, while a woman`s voice is singing deeply and shrilly on the radio. But this song has a bitter taste with tears and heartbreaking pain.

The director tries to separate characters, even with colors she puts them on opposite sides of the barricades. The radiant, frank, passionate daughter, wearing a bright lemon raincoat, against the dark and sulky mother. Every scene is like a slap, but this slap is ironic and acid.

This drama of mother-daughter interaction is such faithful and shrilly that the audience is literally saturated with atmosphere of the family clash and starts empathizing the characters.

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THE BEAUTY QUEEN. Director Ana Vukotić
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