TANYA-TANYA. Director Denis Bokuradze

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Сountries: Russia
City: Novokuibyshevsk
Place: Gran (Edge) Theatre
Address: Lenin Square, 1
Date of premiere 2015
It is important for me how my characters speak – their voices, their intonation. Sound is important, music too. I appreciate all interpretations of my plays.
Olga Mukhina
The plot shows us the interactions of a man and a woman transforming from instinct into poetry of love. As if it has the power to lift a person above oneself almost into thin air. We see fragile, touching people, free from society and everyday life. Their imperfections don’t vanish, they are ethicized and turned into poetry of feelings and love! This production is about love, jealousy and passion. 
Denis Bokuradze

Golden Mask Award 2016 –  nominated for “Drama, best small scale production”, “Best director”, “Best costume designer”, “Best actress” (Yulia Bokuradze), “Best supporting actor” (Alina Kostyuk, Daniil Bogomolov)

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Photo: Leonid Yanshin
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TANYA-TANYA. Director Denis Bokuradze
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