REFUGE CONVERSATIONS. Directors Konstantin Uchitel and Vladimir Kuznetsov

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Сountries: Russia
City: Saint-Petersburg
Place: Finlyandskiy railway station
Address: 6 Ploshchad Lenina
Date of premiere 21 november 2016

The first Russian stage version of Bertolt Brecht’s play, written in 1941 in Finland. It’s action takes place at Helsinki Central Station. In St. Petersburg the performance was staged in the halls and cafes, and even on the platform of the Finland Station. Armed with the surveillance equipment, spectators were able to watch the private conversations of certain Tsiffel and Calle. In each case surveillance strategy could be defined by the spectator: one can move after actors or dissolve in the crowd and build his or her own images supported by audio tracks. Performance protagonists, whose voices accompany the viewer, are two German refugees from the Second World War times. They are discussing universal issues, as well as everyday petty little things. In the character of Calle one can recognize the author of the play. Perhaps something of what is heard may seem relevant to our times.

Konstantin Uchitel — theatre historian, producer, musician and playwright. Author of music and theatre projects: The Old Woman RouteGenius LociLe Sacre du printempsWayKharms HoursMuddle Instead of Music. Author of numerous books on theatre history.

Vladimir Kuznetsov — cinema and theater actor awarded by international cinema festivals.
Sergey Volkov — actor of Lensovet theatre, awarded by the National theatre prize ‘The Golden Mask’ and St. Petersburg Award for the young theatre makers ‘Proryv’.
Maxim Fomin — actor of ‘Masterskaya’ theatre, holder of the St. Petersburg Award for young theatre makers ‘Proryv’.
Translated by: Ludmila Braude, Anna Gitlitz and others, edited by Efim Etkind
Copyrights Suhrkamp Verlag AG
Directed by Konstantin Uchitel and Vladimir Kuznetsov
Cast: Sergey Volkov, Maxim Fomin
Produced by the ‘Access Point’ Festival 
Duration 1 h 50 min
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REFUGE CONVERSATIONS. Directors Konstantin Uchitel and Vladimir Kuznetsov
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