THE DRUNKS. Director Boris Liješević

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Сountries: Serbia
City: Belgrade
Place: Theater Atelje 212
Address: Svetogorska 21
Date of premiere 4 february 2016

Ivana Viripaev’s drama is happening in one night when all the masks fall down. An individual is confronted with his/her loneliness and longings for someone else or, which meetings are the ones that change our lives completely? The director, Liješević, sets the play as humorous and painful, fragile and intensive at the same time. The acting is unique-  famous actors such as: Svetozar  Cvetković, Jelena Đokić, Dara Džokić, Nenad Ilić, Isidora Minić and others act in the play…

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Photo: Marija Ivanišević
Performance dates
09 December 20:00 THE DRUNKS. Director Boris Liješević
18 December 20:00 THE DRUNKS. Director Boris Liješević
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