THE MASTER. Director Li Lei

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Сountries: China
City: Beijing
Place: Beijing's Poly Theater
Address: Dongzhimen South Main Street on the 14th, Dongcheng District
Date of premiere 22 january 2016

In the future, each person will have 15 minutes of fame, pop artist Andy Warhol predicted last century. Today the global Internet society seems to validate this foresight -- If you can become a shining star, why do we need to be normal people? This has become a problem that no one can avoid, the developed media has created a large number of stars for people to admire, more and more people are trying to become one of them. Drama "The Master" describes  an unlucky middle-aged man who accidentally became a  soul master. This self-directed fraud is full of loopholes and it becomes more and more crazy. However, the bubble finally popped. At the last moment, will he uncover the lies and become a normal person? Will he sell his soul and become a living puppet? Drama is the art of fiction, drama "The Master" tries to face the reality of the world: what kind of master do we need? Who is eligible to be a "master"? Only asking for a reply, only thinking to stay awake. This play depicts the fame and fortune of human beings, and brings art back to its true purpose.

Director Li Lei is a disciple of Meng Bing. In “The Master” he not only inherited the animators deep insight into the creation technique, but also stands as a quite independent insightful writer. Director Li Lei in the drama "The Master" fully demonstrated his talent as a playwright. He is refined internally and externally. He is very modest. He works around the clock when directing and repeated the story again and again to make it perfect.

Comment:The subject of the play is clear, and the story is vivid. Besides, the actor and actress performed very well and their acting is full of humor and wit. The spiteful hot means of the man Feifei are similar to the punk during the Cultural Revolution, which impressed me. It feels as though the leading actor Ming Fan is constrained in the play. Why? Because he is not only the narrator, bus also the character on the stage. He had to switch frequently, which impacted his acting.

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THE MASTER. Director Li Lei
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