PIXEL. Director Mourad Merzouki

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Сountries: France
City: Créteil
Place: Club de Créteil
Address: Quartier de la Croix des Mèches 1, rue Charpy
Date of premiere 2016

Artistic direction and choreography by Mourad Merzouki, National Choreographic Centre in Creteil and Valde-Marne / Käfig Company France

PIXEL is a creation of a French hiphop choreographer Mourad Merzouki and two video artists Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot. It is a tournament between a dancer and an image, a dialogue between the two worlds — the world of dance and the world of an interactive video/multimedia. PIXEL belongs to the most ancient arts genre of “trompe-l'œil”, which means “deceit”. It is based on the principals of optical illusion; the audience soon fails to realize how it is possible for the dancers to get off the ground. In the experimental performance by Mourad Merzouki the classical stage conflict between partners is transformed to be a confrontation between abilities of the body and digital reality.

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PIXEL. Director Mourad Merzouki
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