PITAWAL. Director Anna Rokita

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Сountries: Poland
City: Krakow
Place: Bagatela Theatre
Address: ul. Karmelicka 6
Date of premiere 28 october 2016

Pitawal is all about digging in the archives of Kraków crime detection – says the author of the text, Patrycja Babicka. It is a journey through Kraków marked out by crime. We wander around dark, sultry backyards and basements. We look into the windows of the old tenement houses and we stare people right into their eyes. We spy on criminals and their victims. We read the magazine news. It is a local musical vision. A concert on 13 murderers and 578 victims, performed live.

“Serial killers, tormented nun, teenage suicide, a baby sitter accused of killing a baby, a couple of cannibals, jealous husband with a rifle. They were all part of the Krakow landscape and graced the front pages of local newspapers. The royal city also has a dark side. Two brave women decided to describe it - singing actress Anna Rokita and songwriter Patricia Babicka.

Great lyrics by Babicka found the perfect medium in the person of Anna Rokita. Actress of Bagatela Theatre performs and also directed the performance. Both tasks are fulfilled brilliantly. (...) For more than an hour Rokita sings, dances, talks, moving with remarkable ease through different techniques and tones of voice.

Rich, maybe even eclectic, is also a musical background arranged by Piotr Krakowski i Paweł Penarski and played live by the ensemble. The pulsating rhythm highlights the choreography of the male dancers’ duo dance that accompanies Rokita.” (Łukasz Baduła, kulturaonline.pl)

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Performance dates
11 March 20:00 PITAWAL. Director Anna Rokita
12 March 20:00 PITAWAL. Director Anna Rokita
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