THE OPERA STAGE. Director Peisi Chen

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Сountries: China
City: Shanghai
Place: Theater Madzhestik
Address: 66 Jiangning Rd, Jingan Qu,
Date of premiere 4 february2016

During the Republican Period in China, the war was going on with all its stresses and strains. At that time, the famous folk theatrical troupe Wu Qing came to Peking. The hero Xiaotian Jin would put on a show for three days here. When the actors limbered up before the performance, some unexpected people came to the theater, including the General, the escaping concubine, the hero Xiaotian Jin, the gang member Guaizi Liu and so on. The boss of the folk theatrical troupe and the manager of the theater had to do their best to deal with the accidents. However, things were becoming worse and worse. Whether the hero Xiaotian Jin could put on the show successfully? How would it end? The Opera Stage will tell you.

Peisi Chen, a famous comedian in China. He was born in Jilin Province in 1954. Since 1984, he has attended the Spring Festival Gala for several times. Peisi Chen will direct and star in The Opera Stage.


I watched the play The Opera Stage last night. After the performance, I was not completely still. Although it is a drama play, the story of the play is interesting just like a film. Besides, the stage design is also excellent. Despite of the poor environment of drama in China, Peisi Chen still holds fast to his dream. He combined the the quintessence of Chinese culture with the history of ancestors left behind, without going with the flow. In The Opera Stag, the actors presented the world on a stage in chaos. Great! Excellent! Perfect!

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Performance dates
08 December 19:00 THE OPERA STAGE. Director Peisi Chen
09 December 19:00 THE OPERA STAGE. Director Peisi Chen
10 December 19:00 THE OPERA STAGE. Director Peisi Chen
11 December 19:00 THE OPERA STAGE. Director Peisi Chen
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