OLD-FASHIONED CONCERT. Director Viktor Ryzhakov

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Сountries: Russia
City: Moscow
Place: State theater of a name of Su. Meyerhold
Address: Novoslobodskaya St., 23
Date of premiere 22 february 2015

The programme includes forgotten songs and words, voices and names, photos and cinema shots. The audience meets with signs of the past. Something from the past stays with us forever. Something remains young forever; other things disappear without leaving a trace. Nobody knows according to what laws it happens. Reproducing the oral history of the past century we try to recall it. Hopefully, in the end we’ll be able to answer the question: what should we do not to part, not to forget? This concert is an attempt to fix the leaving, elusive, disappearing time, the time with different rhythms, longer hours and bigger trees, when people supposedly lived different lives.
The concert was inspired by black-and-white photos of our grannies, grandpas, fathers and mothers, old records and cinema shots from films crumbling with age. This past is told by young voices. The concert presents the take of the young on the generation of their mothers and grannies, on the time when they were in our age, when they laughed and fell in love.
Let’s listen attentively to these voices and won’t be in a hurry.

Director: Viktor Ryzhakov
Theatre Designer: Оlgа Nikitina

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Photo: Darya Pichugina
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OLD-FASHIONED CONCERT. Director Viktor Ryzhakov
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