#ODDSANDENDS. Director Nikita Grinshpun

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Сountries: Russia
Place: Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theatre named after A.V. Lunacharsky
Address: Nakhimova Ave 6
Date of premiere 28 august 2016

Nikita Grinshpun, famous for his successful Moscow productions, managed to inflame the actors with ludic theatre. Almost every actor plays two, three or even more roles, and all actors play folk, strange and incomprehensible, singing a song in chorus both in grief and in joy. The performance happily avoided vaudeville style though the audience laughs throughout the play. Through a series of comedian characters, the chorus living in its own almost irrational dimension, a different tone crops up – that of absurd amazement at the way a burbot is caught, at odd mishaps that befell the chorus girl, at the confession of the tragedy actor, funny and spine-chilling at the same time.

The Cast: Sergey Sanayev (Fyodor Grebeshkov, Lyubim, Коlpakov, Carp), Аlexey Кrasnozhenyuk (tragic actor Vasily Vasilyevich Dikobrazov, folk, a peasant), Аleksander Poryvayev (Prokl Lvovich Pochechuyev, a burbot, baron Vladimir Shtrahl, a peasant, a butler), Yury Kornishin (Landlord Аndrey Andreyevich, a theatre administrator, a carp, folk, a peasant), Evgeny Ovsyannikov (Fedya, the drowned man, prompter, Vasily — coachman, folk), Vitaly Taganov (Ivan Gavrilovich, a peasant, folk), Ilya Spinov (Gerasim, a gudgeon, a peasant), Viktor Nevruzov (Yefim, a shepherd, cashier, bridegroom, muzhik, folk), Natella Аbeleva-Таganovа (Pasha, a girl with a fishing rod, a girl, a cow, folk), Irinа Demidkina (Kolpakov's wife, the bride's mother, lady of the manor, a cow, a сountry woman), Таtiana Sytovа (Nadezhdа Petrovnа, a chorus girl, a girl, a cow, a country woman, folk), Еkаterina Semyonova-Nevruzova (the bride, a chorus girl, a girl, a cow, a country woman, folk), Оlga Lukashevich (Nadya, a chorus girl, a girl, a cow, folk), Sergey Kulinenko (Actor), Svetlana Glinka (a chorus girl, a girl, a cow, a country woman)

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#ODDSANDENDS. Director Nikita Grinshpun
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