NUREMBERG. Director Alexey Borodin

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Сountries: Russia
City: Moscow
Place: Russian Theatre of Youth
Address: Teatralnaya Square, 2
Date of premiere 10 october 2014

Stanley Kramer's film “Judgment at Nuremberg” is wonderful; it is made by people who believed that the spoken word has value. They believed that people have come to their senses and are now ready to hear the message addressed to them. But today the situation is exactly the opposite. We were not given a similar sedation. World overturned once more. Now I look at the film’s script and I see that it was not as much against fascism, Nazism, but against conformism. As it is the most dangerous. For us. For them. For all.

I think vulgar journalism does not work in on stage. The position of “now I’ll stand on a stool and tell you all the truth” is ridiculous. We already know too much. Here humor and theatrical lightness is necessary. They are like air for art.

After the Mikhail Romm’s “Ordinary Fascism”, after documentary chronicles one can not open this theme’s door with a key of everyday life, this will be pseudo-truth. So, you need process after the process, life after life, when you can look at what happed from a distance. Judge Haywood returned to Nuremberg to revisit the event in his mind, to go through it all once more.

People simply can not learn history’s lessons: it is impossible to walk past such things, where is the line between good intentions and the things that are to follow when we make an attempt to implement them. We are able to understand things from a distant past; they touch us deeply, but repulse the burden of facts when they come too close to us: “No, this is not possible, it has nothing to do with me”. It is always easier to close our ryes on things we do not wish to see about ourselves. I think that “Nuremberg” arrived at the right time for us all.

Alexey Borodin

Nominated – “Drama, best large scale production”, “Best  director”, “Best set designer”, “Best supporting actor” (Ilya Isaev)

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Performance dates
22 February 19:00 NUREMBERG. Director Alexey Borodin
07 March 19:00 NUREMBERG. Director Alexey Borodin
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