MARRIAGE. Director Wiktor Loga-Skarczewski

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Сountries: Poland
City: Krakow
Place: Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Krakow
Address: ul. Straszewskiego 21-22
Date of premiere 15 march 2016

The diploma play for the graduating students of the Acting Department at the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Kraków is an adaptation of the classic play by Nikolai Gogol.

The Russian author’s plot centres on the search for a perfect husband for the young protagonist: someone who will not only marry her but also change her financial status. In the version directed by Wiktor Loga-Skarczewski, the titular marriage becomes a pretext for a broader critique of the ideal of the perfect family, revealing its oppressiveness. Staging the action in the context of 50s and 60s America, with its characteristic fashion and style and, in particular, its social mores, the director and the young performers together explore the highs and lows of searching for love, using comic book conventions and vintage aesthetics. (from the theatre’s archive of reviews)

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Photo: Bartek Warzecha
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MARRIAGE. Director Wiktor Loga-Skarczewski
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