MAN. Director Tomi Jazenic

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Сountries: Russia
City: Saint-Petersburg
Place: The Bolshoi Drama Theatre named after G.A. Tovstonogov
Address: Fontanka River Emb., 65
Date of premiere 6 june 2015
“Freedom - we repeated to ourselves, and still could not comprehend it”. This quote from the Frankl’s book inspired us to discuss the meaning of the term “freedom”, personal and public. To what extent do we realize its importance and its boundaries? Do we live only with an illusion of freedom? What is the “freedom of an actor”, “freedom to create” or “inner freedom”? In the end, what do we think about freedom in our society? The main goal of our performance is to create a space where these issues could be thought about by the audience and the artists alike.
Tomi Jazenic

Golden Mask Award 2016 - nominated – “Drama, best large scale production”, “Best director”, “Best set designer”, “Best costume designer” 

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Photo: Stanislav Levshin
Performance dates
19 April 19:00 MAN. Director Tomi Jazenic
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