A CAGE WENT IN SEARCH OF A BIRD. Director Andreas Kriegenburg

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Сountries: Germany
City: Berlin
Place: German Theatre
Address: Schumannstraße, 13a
Date of premiere 8 february 2016

Kafka wrote down his thoughts on separate pieces of paper. This aphorism marked №16 gives us evidence of a world, which has reached the limits of understanding. Strange and quite absurd shifts of reality, the heroes’ defeats, their fruitless attempts, their paranoia – these are the main themes of Kafka’s works. Stories about the mystery of the world, where an ordinary person feels helpless, told with some comic notes.

In a world, where any change is considered a more or less of a real threat, boundaries between the individual soul and the society tend to disappear, so the wish to reread Kafka seems quite natural. . If all the principles have become relative, fear is the only actual principle. Its power and consequences are measured by Andreas Kriegenburg and his ensemble with the help of Kafka's texts. 

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Photo: Arno Declair
Performance dates
31 December 19:30 A CAGE WENT IN SEARCH OF A BIRD. Director Andreas Kriegenburg
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