KHOLSTOMER: THE STORY OF A HORSE. Director Avandil Varsimashvili

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Сountries: Georgia
City: Tbilisi
Place: Tbilisi State Academic Russian Drama Theatre named after A.S.Griboyedov
Address: 2/4 Shota Rustaveli Ave
Date of premiere 12 april 2016

Kholstomer: The Story of a Horse is a play dedicated to Georgy Tovstonogov and Evgeny Lebedev, the prominent figures in the theatrical history, whose artistic career started in Georgia. The similarly-named play was staged by G.A. Tovstonogov at Bolshoi Drama Theater in 1975 with Evgeny Lebedev in the leading role.

Without fear of comparison with the legendary predecessors, Avandil Varsimashvili made his own adaptation of Tolstoy’s story. He discovered new meanings, found a new style and actually created an independent piece of scenic art, bright, spectacular and at the same time tragic and heart-searing.

Varsimashvili's performance is about wisdom achieved through painful sufferings, about ugly and helpless senility, about inevitable death. It is also about love and compassion, and about a noble soul. It is clear from Kholstomer’s character. Shortly before his death, the old gelding recollects all his hard life. It taught him many things, the most important of all being patience and tolerance towards the imperfections of the world and human weaknesses. This implication becomes the “tuning fork” for the whole performance. At the end of his bitter life, Kholstomer remains patient, big-hearted and humble. His image implies yet another theme – spirituality is opposed to gregariousness and mediocrity.

Kholstomer is played by three actors: Valery Kharyutchenko plays the old gelding, Lasha Gurgenidze is in the role of a foal, while Ivane Kurasbediani presents his character in the prime of life – as a happy winner, later ridden down by Kholstomer’s adored master.

The Cast: Valery Kharyutchenkо, Ivane Kurasbediani, Lasha Gurgenidze (Kholstomer), Lyudmilа Аrtyomovа-Mgebrishvili, Honoured Artist of Georgia Sofia Lombardzhiya (Vyazopurikhа), Мikhail Аrdzhevanidzе (General), Dmitry Sporyshev (Vaskа), Georgy Zanguri (Nestor), Vasily Gabashvily (Dear), Маriam Кitiya (Маtieu), Аpollon Кublashvili (Prince Serpukhovskoy), Dmitry Меrabishvili (Coachman Feofan), Оleg Мchedlishvili (Master), Аnna Nikolavа (Маrie), Nana Darchiashvili, Nino Kikacheishvili, Vakhtang Nikolavа (Gipsies), Nina Kalatozishvili, Меdeya Мumladzе, Nina Ninidze, Меrab Кusikashvili (Horses)

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KHOLSTOMER: THE STORY OF A HORSE. Director Avandil Varsimashvili
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