ELEMENTARY PARTICLES. Director Semen Alexandrovsky

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Сountries: Russia
City: Novosibirsk
Place: Stary Dom (Old House) Theatre
Address: Bolshevistskaya St., 45
Date of premiere 21 november 2014

“Academgorodok” (“Academ-town”) is not just a geographical location. This is a place of strength and power. To be exact it is a place where opposing currents met, it gave birth to turbulence, chaos, synergy; this was a Soviet utopia brought in reality – a city of science, a city of the future, its main street was the speed highway of human thought.

What happened their in the 1960-s? Why should we look back at that time? Do we have something in common? How come those brave crazy people spoke out loud and opposed the officials in discussions? Could this happen again today? Of course, our play is primarily a people’s story. A scientist was the hero figure and role-model of that time. He worked enthusiastically at his laboratory, fell in love, listened to jazz records and Galich’s songs, gave literature awards to the Strugatsky brothers, skied down the snowy slopes and believed, that science will save the world
Vyacheslav Durnenkov

Golden Mask Award 2016 –  nominated for “Drama, best small scale production”, “Best director”, “Best set designer”  

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Photo: Frol Podlesnyi
Performance dates
01 February 19:00 ELEMENTARY PARTICLES. Director Semen Alexandrovsky
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