EDDA. Director Robert Wilson

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Сountries: Norway
City: Oslo
Place: Det Norske Teatret
Address: Kristian IVs gate 8
Date of premiere 4 march 2016

Old Norse poem in a new theatre version by the Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse.

The longed for meeting between Jon Fosse and Robert Wilson.

The American theatre artist and director Robert Wilson is one of the great innovators in modern and contemporary theatre. Known for a highly stylized and visually striking theatre. In his production of EDDA, the old Norse poem, which was written down in the 13. century, the new stage version is made by the Norwegian author Jon Fosse, one of today’s leading playwrights world wide, known for his laconic and poetical language. Wilson and Fosse have for years tried to find an occasion to collaborate, after Wilson directed Ibsen's Peer Gynt in Oslo in 2005. In EDDA the God Odin will be played by the actor Henrik Rafaelsen who also played Peer and even has appeared in Swedish productions directed by Wilson's. 

The performance will include music by Arvo Pärt and by CocoRosie. 

World premiere of EDDA will take place at The Norwegian Theatre (Det Norske Teatret) March 4th 2017 in Oslo, Norway.

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Performance dates
04 March 18:00 EDDA. Director Robert Wilson
07 March 20:00 EDDA. Director Robert Wilson
08 March 20:00 EDDA. Director Robert Wilson
09 March 20:00 EDDA. Director Robert Wilson
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