FOREFATHERS’ EVE (DZIADY). Director Michał Zadara

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Сountries: Poland
City: Wroclaw
Place: Polski Theatre in Wrocław
Address: 3 Zapolskiej Street
Date of premiere 20 february 2016

Adam Mickiewicz’s drama (written between 1823 and 1832) is considered to be the most important Polish play and has had more than 100 stagings on diverse Polish stages. But for the first time it’s been performed in its entirety – lasting 14 hours.

In one of the interviews, director Michał Zadara said: “Our goal is to make an impulsive and daring spectacle, because this text is exuberant and cheeky, and deserves a strong performance. Not the nation, not spirituality - but the tragedy of a man who cannot get along with the world around him, who remains a stranger to this world like a ghost among the living. This drama sometimes manifests itself in tragic tones, and sometimes comical ones.”

The performance was already named “the most important Polish premiere of the season”, also due to impressive stage design and multigenerational cast, including Bartosz Porczyk, who plays the main character – Gustav-Konrad – not as a 19th century poet, but as a contemporary singer. 

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FOREFATHERS’ EVE (DZIADY). Director Michał Zadara
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