DULCINEA. Director Kirill Syomin

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Сountries: Russia
City: Saint-Petersburg
Place: Small drama theater
Address: avenue of KIM, 6
Date of premiere 10 february 2016

Dulcinea is a chamber one-act play staged by Nebolshoi Drama Theatre actor and director Kirill Syomin and his colleagues — actors Olga Albanova (Aldonza), Aleksander Belousov (Sancho Panza) and Daniil Shigapov (Luis). The authors took three main characters from the densely populated play and made a rather personal, intimate narrative about the relationship between a man and a woman, about the search for the only suitable match, about ideal, absolute, painful love making people vulnerable, helpless and absurd, about losses and short-lived happiness.

Кirill Syomin: “Dulcinea is a short love confession before death.” 

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Photo: Darya Pichugina
Performance dates
03 February 19:00 DULCINEA. Director Kirill Syomin
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