DRUNK. Director Andrey Moguchy

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Сountries: Russia
City: Saint-Petersburg
Place: The Bolshoi Drama Theatre named after G.A. Tovstonogov
Address: Reka Fontanka Emb., 65
Date of premiere 5 may 2015
The production is presented in collaboration with the International Platonov festival of arts The main theme of this play is love. The love to all divine in human nature. The drunkenness her has no everyday connotation, it should not be taken straightforwardly, this is a metaphor of enlightenment, a feeling of genuine life flow, of love, of miracle, of all taking place here and now. One night makes miraculous metamorphoses in the heroes’ lives. This night is a moment of freedom and hope. They all get a chance to change their lives for the better – this is what the performance is all about. The “Drunk” is for an open-minded audience, far from stereotypes and preconceptions.
Andrey Moguchy

Golden Mask Award 2016 - “Best director”, “Special Award of the Jury of Drama theatre and Puppet theatre” Nominated – “Drama, best large scale production”, “Best set designer”, “Best supporting actor” (Marina Ignatova, Anatoliy Petrov, Vasiliy Reutov)

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Photo: Stas Levshin
Performance dates
25 February 19:00 DRUNK. Director Andrey Moguchy
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