THE CASE ON RUE DE LORCINE. Director Karin Henkel

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Сountries: Germany
City: Berlin
Place: German Theatre
Address: Schumannstraße, 13a
Date of premiere 17 january2016

Karin Henkel is regularly invited to the Theatertreffen Berlin.

А night full of alcohol. The next morning. A memory failure. Someone is snoring behind Lenglumé. Is it someone he brought home with him last night after meeting with his formers? Is it a man or a woman? He has a memory failure and can’t do anything about it. A man named Mistingue crawls out off the bed. Who is he? And where did he come from? Then he reads in the morning paper that a young girl was killed last night on the Lorcine street. All evidence points to Lenglumé and Mistingue. What shall they do now? It's a comedy about memory problems, loss of identity and the power of imagination that is capable of creating reality.

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Photo: Arno Declair
Performance dates
30 December 19:30 THE CASE ON RUE DE LORCINE. Director Karin Henkel
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