DEAR PEOPLE. Director Refat Israilov

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Сountries: Russia
City: Orenburg
Place: Orenburg State Regional Drama Theater named after M. Gorky
Address: 26 Sovetskaya st
Date of premiere 5 september 2013

Shukshin’s characters are famous for “combining oppositely directed forces”. This is why various mishaps come about making them experience unclear worries and feel undiscovered emotions. Andrey the carpenter suddenly buys a microscope, an old woman Malanya is invited for a visit to Moscow by her son, an old man Glukhov decides to marry at his age, another old man dreams of a new balalaika, Styopka unexpectedly escapes from prison, he is longing to breath in the air of his native village… What happens in the souls of these people? And what is important to tell today’s audience?

The director provides a cut of rural life, which has slightly changed since Shukshin’s times: hard daily routine and poor people longing for holidays, back-breaking life and a dream of a better fortune  -  all this is present in the production of Orenburg Drama Theatre, a large-scale performance engaging almost the whole troupe.

The cast: Andrey Yerin, Alsu Shamsutdinova, Diana Kruglova, Sergey Kunin, Natalia Panova, Alexandra Brazhnikova, Dmitry Gladkov, Julia Kashtanova, Dmitry Voropaev, Sergey Tishchenko, Julia Kovalchuk, Nadezhda Velichko, Vladimir Bukharov, Maksim Medenyuk, Zinaida Karpovich, Natalia Reneva, Roman Yefimov, Alexander Papikin, Andrey Ivanov, Leila Guseinova, Natalia Lavrinenko, Nail Zheltirov (button accordeon), Anna Zheltirova (domra), Oleg Vasilyev (button accordeon).

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15 March 18:30 DEAR PEOPLE. Director Refat Israilov
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