BECKETT. PIECES. Director Dmitriy Volkostrelov

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Сountries: Russia
City: Saint-Petersburg
Place: Youth Theatre named after A.A. Bryantsev
Address: Pionerskaya Square, 1
Date of premiere 17 september 2014

There is this author – Beckett.

And there are we. Just us. Who have not understood much. Who have not done much. Who have not learnt much. Who have not lived much. Who have not overcome much. A lot of “not much”. And maybe Beckett was just like us, but he had the courage to question this “not much” of our being, he started a dialogue with it. And this dialogue definitely turned out well. He wrote it down and left for us to explore.

How should we deal with it? How should we deal with something much greater than ourselves? The only thing left to do is pay attention to every letter, every word, every text. Not to miss anything.

Try to use the experience of another, someone gereater than you, someone who knows for sure that your actions are not the thing that leads you to failure. It doesn’t matter what happens next on the chessboard, we are all destined to lose. Your next go will not mean a thing. It is impossible. Even if your go is to stage nine pieces by Beckett.

 Dmitriy Volkostrelov

Golden Mask Award 2016 –  nominated for “Drama, best small scale production”, “Best director”

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Photo: Stas Levshin
Performance dates
15 February 20:00 BECKETT. PIECES. Director Dmitriy Volkostrelov
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