ALISA. Director Daniil Akhmedov

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Сountries: Russia
City: Krasnoyarsk
Place: The Krasnoyarsk Youth Theatre
Address: Vavilov St., 25
Date of premiere 15 january 2015

I have worked as a asset designer on several productions of the Krasnoyarsk TYuZ. In “ALISA” for the first time I am a director-designer, so this is “artist’s theatre”. This was an experiment for me. Previously I worked only with costumes and decorations. This time I had to collaborate directly with the craft workshops and with the actors. Only here at the Krasnoyarsk Youth Theatre I could take such risks, and not only because I know its team well. The main reason is the creative active group of colleagues, with whom one can make things up, try things without fear of failure. With these people experimenting is not scary. And one more thing to it – I love working on productions for children. I find a lot more pleasure in working with fairytales. Firstly, as an artist, as set designer you can express yourself more freely, use your imagination to the maximum. Secondly, children are the best audience. Their reaction is sincere and true. Adults will stay seated and clap in the end even if they didn’t like it all much. But looking at children’s face you will always know whether they liked it or not. When they do, they get involved, quite down at moments, at moments laugh, clap their hands and shout. It is the greatest happiness ever – to see such an honest emotional feedback.

Daniil Akhmedov

Golden Mask Award 2016 – “Special Award of the Jury of Drama theatre and Puppet theatre”
Nominated – “Drama, best large scale production”, “Best set designer”, “Best costume designer”, “Best lighting designer” and “Golden Mask” 2016 – “Special Award of Jury of Drama theatre and Puppet theatre”

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Photo: Mikhail Maklakov
Performance dates
21 February 12:00 ALISA. Director Daniil Akhmedov
24 February 12:00 ALISA. Director Daniil Akhmedov
24 February 18:00 ALISA. Director Daniil Akhmedov
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