A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE. Director Andreas Merz-Raykov

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Сountries: Russia
City: Serov
Place: Drama Theatre named after A.P. Chekhov
Address: Metallurgov Square, 1
Date of premiere 2015
When I as a foreigner visit Russian provincial towns I get this feeling that the people, whom live there, don’t see anything significant in their towns, and maybe even in their own lives. In their opinion “real” lives of value are only the ones of people from the capital cities – Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. It goes through Russian classics and is best voiced by Chekhov’s three sisters – “To Moscow! To Moscow!”
From this point of view the conflict in “A Street Car Named Desire” has special meaning to it – the struggle between ideals and reality, between the way the world is and the way it was meant to be. Blanche’s story has an interconnection with Russian province, with any provincial city, for example, Serov. Tennessee Williams’ play may be imaged as a sequel of Chekhov’s “Three Sisters”, as if Irina had to move to Serov and live there among her relatives.
Andreas Merc-Raikov

Golden Mask Award 2016 - nominated – “Drama, best large scale production”, “Best director”, “Best actor” (Pyotr Nezlutchenko)

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Photo: Raida Strunkina
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A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE. Director Andreas Merz-Raykov
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