A BEHANDING IN SPOKANE. Director Ana Nowicka

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Сountries: Poland
City: Krakow
Place: “Barakah” theatre
Address: Paulińska 28
Date of premiere 18 june 2011

Carmichael – Paweł Tchórzelski 
Mervyn – Lidia Bogaczówna 
Marilyn -  Monika Kufel 
Toby – Ana Nowicka 
Live music – Łukasz Łukasik

“Barakah” Teatr is the most ambitious project by two outstanding Polish theatre workers, Ana Nowicka and Monika Kufel, the winners of numerous European awards. The conceptual theatre is the most well-known in Krakow and the leader of the New Polish Theatre. An important feature of the theatre is a play close to the audience, without “The Fourth wall” and any other barriers; actors can make a dialogue with the audience and draw them in the performance. The chamber play, easily adapting to the stage, let the audience feel like they are in the cinema show. Wonderful acting, sophisticated background music and surprising director`s discoveries – everything creates the inimitable atmosphere of the performance.

The production plunges into the macabre atmosphere of a small room in a flea-house, located in an American town.  The walls are covered with cyclically repeating pictures of James Dean, Rita Hayworth, the Statue of Liberty, Hollywood, Broadway and Sunset Boulevard – attributes of the American dream and pop-culture.

The blazing performance in the manner of Quentin Tarantino. The gangster play where intensity of emotions is emphasized and exaggerated by the guitar riffs in the background played alive by Lukasz Lukasik.

Surprising director`s ideas that the parts of a receptionist and  African-American are played by women. It is amazing how cardinally and intensely each of them can change. (Ana Nowicka plays the part of Toby,  Lidia Bogachowna plays the part of the receptionist Mervyn).

Performed in Polish with Russian subtitles

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A BEHANDING IN SPOKANE. Director Ana Nowicka
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