50 GRADES OF SHAME. Director She She Pop

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Сountries: Germany
City: Munich
Place: Muncher Kammerspiele
Address: Falckenbergstraße, 2
Date of premiere 3 march 2016

In Wedekind’s tragedy “Spring Awakening” some guardians and educators fail miserably at instructing the young people in their custody when it comes to matters of sexuality. They are concerned that enlightenment may spoil the innocents. Today, 125 years later, personal sexual development has become a social imperative. And images of undressed bodies and sexual contact are available everywhere. The social significance of such presentations has changed; but the concern remains. Inspired by Wedekind’s utopian concepts of education, the performance collective She She Pop cooperates with the Kammerspiele ensemble in establishing their own educational institution. By use of a pointer and illustrations inspired by the scenes of “Spring Awakening” and motifs from E. L. James’ novel “50 Shades of Grey”, they develop an ars erotica in teacher-centered learning: a trustful instruction of the inexperienced through art. An animated picture album of 50 Grades of Shame.

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50 GRADES OF SHAME. Director She She Pop
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